You’ve heard the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” also makes for a dull IT company. Boring. Uninspired. Regular. 
Those are adjectives we never want to hear in the same sentence as Bytebrand.
To avoid those lackluster labels, we make sure we balance our intense work, with equally intense fun. 
I’m not going to beat around the bush. We know how to party. We proved that once again at our Summer Event.
Picture a rap music video - enough food to feed the neighborhood, a sweet panoramic view from a downtown rooftop, dope music and drinks flowing. All the essentials for a real party. 
In true Bytebrand style we put business before pleasure, so before getting to the fun, we had a team meeting.

IMG_6748 (1).JPG
We dedicated the first half of the night to our strategic plans, an exceptional speech from Bytebrand Management team and from Marco Kundert words of gratitude to every employee that works in our company. It was really motivating to hear those inspirational words from our CEO. 
We heard about our strategic plan for the next 6 months (look out, here we come!). We reviewed the past 6 months (growth!) and talked about how the business works. 
Since we were then all on the same page about where we’re going, it was time to turn up the fun. Bytebrand shared small appreciation gifts with the employees to show that company truly loves and appreciates its own employees. 
IMG_2106 (1).JPG 
We put a cap on the business meeting portion of the evening with a champagne toast.
And that’s when the night starts to get really interesting. The whole team adjourned to the rooftop party where the view is truly breathtaking. You can see the whole city.  People got to spend relaxed time with colleagues. Everyone had a blast. 
DSC_2277 (1).jpg 
Most importantly, everyone left the summer event happy and deeply motivated. 
We’re looking forward to the next 6 months of growth. We all know that to do deep work, we also need to have deep fun and relaxation. 
The summer event wasn’t just “fun”, we like to say it was Legendary