Websites, databases, apps, directories, servers. It’s all so cold sounding, isn’t it? When you spend your time staring at computer screens and talking in code it’s easy to lose sight of the people behind the tech.

Just like any other human on the planet, IT staffers can use a little compassion and understanding….without having to open a support ticket. A little humanity goes a long way in a tech environment - it motivates us to be more creative, inspires us to be more productive and encourages us to stick with a project when the work hits en ebb. 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that co-worker support can make or break an IT company. That’s exactly why Bytebrand encourages a culture of support in every team. 

In my own experience when I started working as a Business Development Manager with Bytebrand I can say with certainty that without the support of my team… I would have broken the coffee machine, for one thing. My new co-workers took me in and helped me find my stride. They gladly shared their experience and even found time to coach me on the technical stuff that is far beyond my expertise. My “newbie” questions about the technical side of a project didn’t faze them. They even let it slide when my reply to a question about JSON was “whose son?”. Instead they seemed to take pleasure in explaining the finer points of IT development to me. 

One or our QA specialists even whisked me into a meeting room with the promise to “explain everything you don’t know yet”. That was a lesson I won’t forget any time soon - it even included whiteboard diagrams!

Every moment they took to help me helped solidify my place on the team. Every single co-worker surely understood that any of our success is shared and I truly appreciated those gestures of support. 

So what? Why am I telling you about the warm fuzzy feelings my co-workers give me?

Because, dear reader, that’s secret sauce behind our success. We support each other, lean on each other, and push each other to break through to the next level. That’s how we can turn out one successful project after another. Because of the team.