Let the party begin!

It all started on the 29th of August 2020. No one expected it; the summer party was a surprise to all of us. Bytebrand professionals arrived to chill out a bit and relax from days of workaholism. And we definitely deserved it!

summer corporate party 2.jpg

The summer heat, burning sun, warm sand, cool sea breeze flowing in the air, cheering laughter from every side, and then someone suddenly appears with a water gun! And you won’t believe it, but it’s a co-founder of Bytebrand – Marco Kundert. Yes, this was the reason for the “Aloha summer party” of Bytebrand. We assumed that our developers got dusted after the quarantine period, and they certainly needed a breath of fresh air and some water shooting into their backs.

summer corporate party 4.jpg

Grab your swimming suit lazy!

Do you know how to unload properly? Here is the plan. We collected everybody, whether they liked it or not, and told them that the only dress code was a swimming suit, or they would be thrown into the water as they were, and voila!

summer corporate party 1.jpg

Play the game, don’t just sit there!

So, we went to the steepest and largest lake and started playing frisbee and volleyball while jumping in the air like crazy.

summer corporate party 5.jpg

After a while, we started playing badminton. Falling on the sand while chasing the shuttlecock, and starting to laugh so the whole beach can hear you? There you go, now that’s the spirit!

summer corporate party 6.jpg

Kayak competition and golden flamingo


Since there was a lake, why not start a kayak competition to see who is the fastest Aquaman and Aquawoman of all? The competition went smoothly, although everyone was soaking wet. However, we had our winners. In between, we were swimming and hopping onto an inflatable golden flamingo and chasing each other on the sand brought happy eyes and smiling faces, and most importantly, memories that everyone will cherish.

summer corporate party 3.jpg

The finale
The main rules of the party were that “Conversations about work are forbidden” and “Don’t you dare just sit there and imagine your computer in front of you” because Bytebrand’s employees dive into the working mindset more than you think. People are workaholics – can you blame them?
As much as we encourage all of our employees with the inner company spirit, in Bytebrand, we want them to feel total relaxation and be more energized for the autumn period. The late beautiful sunset brought the melancholic feeling of “Why did the fun end so quickly?” and “Can you turn back time?” The answer will be: “Yes, we can repeat it, and we will be certainly happy to blow your mind next season, whether you are a newcomer or a business partner.”

summer corporate party 7.jpg