Whole IT world loves autumn, not because of its beauty and comfortable weather, but because of plenty IT progressive events. 
All starts from conferences and then in the end of September the best, the biggest & the most progressive conference is happening- Lviv IT Arena. 
The biggest IT conference in Ukraine and Eastern Europe will again gather hundreds of IT experts, developers, CEOs, startups and all people who are interested in technology. The conference will take place from 29 of September until 1 October 2017 at Arena Lviv stadium. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Eastern European IT Market, to network, and to discover new business ideas, which were created and produced in Ukraine.

IT Arena is a three-day event jam-packed with progressive ideas from global changemakers and the most inspiring thinkers. It is a place to meet trustworthy partners and learn about bold innovations that can transform businesses. It is the best platform for structured and informal networking that leaves plenty of space for entertaining!

All superstars in IT world are coming to Lviv to show their projects, share their knowledge and create something innovative and new. 
It's all about technologies when you step in inside of the Arena you feel innovation in the air. 
 We are happy to announce that Bytebrand is a part of this amazing event. It is a great opportunity to become a part of something big and put an effort in the project that brings so much good. 

Traditionally, the big exposition of technology designed or produced in Ukraine, as well as Startup Competition – which will unite 100 startups, including many startups from abroad. The second day of the IT Arena will finish with Futureland Festival, the big festival of technology and electronic music. Last year more than 4400 people have visited the festival. 2017 will only be the second year the festival is taking place, but thanks to its dynamic atmosphere and unparalleled party spirit, it has already become one of the most anticipated events in any electronic music lover’s calendar.

IT Arena will experiment this year by transferring all the conference events from the stadium to the old city center on the third day. It is an opportunity to introduce the perfect charming Lviv atmosphere to the international guests and at the same time involve local citizens in the tech world. More than 30 meetups on different interesting topics will take place in 10 restaurants and co-working spaces around UNESCO heritage Rynok Square, the heart of Lviv’s city center. The meetups are open for IT Arena participants, but you need to register for them in advance. The meetups will be held from 11 am until 7 pm on Sunday, October, 1. IT Arena will finish with a party in the city center – on Arsenalna Street, which is a lovely way to end the conference with tasty local food in an informal atmosphere.