Although we delight in celebrating individual achievement, we definitely value team achievement more and work very hard to make it happen. We know that our developer teams won’t enjoy their success in meeting targets if their colleagues are struggling to come up to scratch.

We are not a company that encourages the cult of ‘rising star’ status. We believe strongly in the team ethos and have no desire to enable an individual to climb to the top by stepping on colleagues or consuming large amounts of resources. We go out of our way to praise those who help and support us and, of course, give recognition to individuals and teams who contribute to the successful achievement of sales targets. In fact, we’re very proud of commending both ability and personality at Bytebrand!
So that’s why we treat our company like a traditional family. We love to share the good news with good food. Every time we start a new project, the teams working on it present their work and opinions and ideas while we eat and enjoy listening to them. 

We all have great fun discussing current projects and our hopes and dreams for them.
That’s why such days are called “Pizza Project Day” at Bytebrand.
Everyone takes these days seriously – all team members help to prepare the presentation and the discourse as well as coming up with convincing answers to possible questions.

This way of collaborative working really helps staff to connect and bond professionally. They know that their co-workers are all doing a fantastic job and they appreciate each other greatly for that very reason.
That’s why it’s so important to share and celebrate the positive news with all the staff.

Very simply, good news and good food help to build an amazing team!