Lviv Alfa Jazz Fest. That moment when our beautiful city is filled with the tons of Jazz. 
Lviv has hosted Alfa Jazz Festival every year since 2011. During that week in June, all the biggest, brightest stars of Jazz migrate to Lviv to celebrate and soak in the beautiful sounds of this fascinating musical genre. The festival draws over 100 world-class musicians perform on three stages. Over 40,000 spectators flock to see the shows. 

For most, Alfa Jazz Fest is a place to go unwind. For the IT sector, Alfa Jazz Fest has a different meaning.Not only does Jazz Fest draw a crowd interested in Jazz music, but it also draws the best and brightest in IT. Lviv IT Jazz Conference is an annual event that unites business leaders, investors, and government representatives to speak about trending topics of the tech industry. 

 Surrounded by a unique atmosphere of jazz music, the two-day conference becomes a great networking platform and opens a whole range of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Bytebrand representative Marco Kundert attended IT Jazz Conference and Alfa Jazz Fest. If you’ve ever had the experience of finding inspiration when you get out of your office and into a new atmosphere, you’ll understand why IT Jazz Conference is so successful. Jazz has been shown to relieve stress, stimulate the mind, and boost creativity. That sounds like the perfect condition to hold a meeting of the IT minds. Mix jazz music with friends, colleagues and a beautiful city and you have a recipe to spark something great. 

The main topics of the conference were: 
-Creative City: Dynamics, Innovations. 
-Actions Investment & M&A in the Ukrainian tech world. 
-Ukraine on the verge of technological singularity: Truth or Myth?
Marco’s experience at the conference was absolutely positive and it was a pleasure for us to hear thoughts from other CEOs, discuss pressing topics and get fresh ideas for the future. The most important outcome was to have the biggest players in Lviv come together and open dialogue about making Lviv and Ukraine a sustainable place for IT companies. Together we will show the world the potential of Ukrainian IT. (But we’re going to keep the secret about mixing Jazz and IT for maximum inspiration on the down-low.)