Google and Facebook are the heavy hitters in corporate culture. They are well known for their cool, unique atmospheres that inspire the world’s top innovation. 
Every company tries to be unique. A great place to spend 50 hours per week. After all, in the right environment, your colleagues can easily become your second family. If everyone comes together you get a workforce that inspires trust, understanding and productivity and innovation.
Bytebrand’s HR department keeps our team fresh with corporate parties, team games and workshops. Of course, this is a great foundation...but we wanted to add a little something extra.
That’s why we got a little creative with our hiring practices. One day, not so long ago, five new employees showed up at our office, relatively unannounced. Their roles were to create and model rules and company values from the inside. 
Every month they join a new work table as an integral part of the team. 
They didn’t really blend in though. In fact, they were pretty conspicuous. Maybe you’d even recognize them yourself.
First, SpiderMan. SpiderMan has the best health and does all of his work extremely fast. He joins the employees with the least sick leaves and days off, showing off who is truly heroic and committed to their job. 
Second, the Incredible Hulk is awarded to the employee of the month. Hulk shows that the employee produced awesome work, is a cool person, independent and well organized. In short, the Hulk is the team MVP.
Third, is Cletus Kasady. Unlike the first two, this guy is a villain. He hangs out with the employee with poor overall performance. He reminds his employee that all work should be detailed and accurate.
Fourth, is the green flying Vulture. He watches out for production bugs, exterminating them by whatever means necessary. 
Last - but never least - is Captain America. He goes to the most heroic employee of all. The most problem solving, code kicking, out-of-the-box thinking, IT ninja at Bytebrand. This person did truly super-human work on a project.
These supers and villains lighten the mood around the office. They introduce some healthy competition, a little extra motivation, and internal recognition for our top performers. 
It’s just one of the things that makes Bytebrand a super place to work.