In Ukraine, we are in the “dog days of summer”. The days are so hot that productivity slows to a crawl. It’s uncomfortable to stand...walk...sit at your desk… We even break out in a sweat from typing at a meager 30 words per minute. 

But this is a post about speed, so I’ll get to the point.


Here’s how we beat the heat and showed our Swiss managers that even though they’ve cornered the watch market, Ukraine knows how to get things done fast

Like most service based businesses, staff productivity and speed of implementation is our top priority. So when the stifling heat started interfering with morale and output we knew it was time to try something new. To keep our staff happy and productive we had to install air conditioning. 


Our Swiss managers gave us the go ahead to get started on ordering the system. They were even a little sympathetic that we’d have to wait in the sweltering heat while the A/C permits were finalized and the installation was approved by the regional bureaucrats and the building manager. Imagine their surprise when they walked into our office just 3 weeks later, to see icy cold, happy, productive workers.

That’s the Ukraine difference.


You see, in Switzerland you have to make applications to the right regulatory bodies.You even have to get approval from your neighbours. We see the same kind of “red tape” all the time in business. If you want to start a new project you have to go through the “approved channels”. You have to get the boss to sign off, get the financial approval, discuss with the PR department. Sometimes you get so busy jumping through hoops that you lose sight of the goal. 

In Ukraine we don’t do red tape. When we decide to fix something, we fix it. When we decide to create something, we create it. That attitude of “doing” is in our culture. That works well for our clients. We stay focused on the goal and get there fast. We simplify the project to the essential tasks and then...voila...we deliver it. Did I mention we do it fast?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, our staff are quite happy with the A/C! 

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