A booking platform that manages appointments with hypnotherapists which attend to cases relating to smoking addiction, burnout, family wealth etc.

One of the harder parts of this project was creating the searching and sorting functionality which happens to be the center of the user experience. By employing our system, therapists can define their availability schedule influencing appointment search results real-time. Besides the availability system, other layers of sorting like geo-location, help improve the apps functionality.

Once a therapist is found, the user can book an appointment most conveniently to the extent of defining their desired hour time slot while the therapist gets a complete client scheduling application with Hypnolix, which includes Google’s calendar sync.

Another challenge was creating the SEO for a single page application like Hypnolix as even though this may seem like an easy feature, there were a lot of tricky parts relating especially to server-side rendering (Angular Universal).

PHP (Symfony), node.js, Angular 7, Angular Universal