Car Platform, one of the top car market platforms in Germany commissioned Bytebrand to do a complete rewrite of the existing 10+ years old php platform based on a modern stack. This was not the everyday challenge for us so we had to ramp up a team of 20+ developers to understand 1 zillion lines of old php code, import huge amount of data, get ready for an enormous amount of traffic and overall, provide a state of the art SPA user experience which would outperform the competition in a crowded market. All of this in an unrealistic time target of 7 months, needless to say we were able to get the platform back online on time, although the start was a bit bumpy.

Obviously, this project was way too large-scale to adequately cover in this small review format, instead we would write a book on it so that's why we’re stopping here.

For other projects like EPR, CRM, Wordpress and 2 Apps which originated out of this main project you will find them soon posted here.

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